Plea for assistance

By Cathy Phillips | 29 January 2021 | Comments Off on Plea for assistance

Our special needs school was damaged during severe weather on New Year’s Eve and we are in desperate need to try and repair the damage that was done.   Our only jungle gym was damaged and needs to be repaired. We also have another small jungle gym on our wish list. What we had managed…

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The Centre caters for children who have a variety of disabilities such as Cerebral Palsy, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, Anglemans syndrome and Rett Syndrome amongst others


Graham Anderson- Chairman Deborah King- Principal Elsje Stuiver – Occupational Therapist Virgie Manquele – Tutor Brian Dickinson – Parent Karin Pretorius – Parent


The Centre is committed to the development of the child as a whole in an intimate, safe and healthy environment


All of the staff receive in-service training on the many facets of special needs education. IEP and AAC methodologies continue to evolve with each new discovery of latent ability and talent.


To provide a nurturing and stimulating environment in which children with multiple or severe disabilities, and those with pervasive developmental disorders will receive appropriate and effective educational intervention in order to ensure optimum development.

Regardless of the child's background and culture and irrespective of the degree of disability we at Whizz-Kidz believe that every child has both the potential and the right to learn to the fullest of their capabilities. Whizz-Kidz special Needs Centre caters for children who are generally unable to attend government or mainstream special schools. The children

Working with private therapists, tutors and care-workers, we provide a Centre of learning and therapeutic process for children of all ages, emphasising early intervention and early childhood development. The staff

In order to maximise the child's potential through early therapeutic intervention and to lay a sound foundation for child and family life, as well as for future learning, we follow the IEP Model of specialised individual educational programmes, objectives and methodologies. The programme


In April 2000, Shelly Tooth formerly of Browns School identified the need for a Centre that would cater for children whose disabilities were particularly severe and required a different methodological approach than those who are able to attend Browns School. She opened Whizz Kidz special needs Centre at Glenheim with only three learners.

The following year, Whizz Kidz moved to their new premises in a converted suburban home in Hatton Estates and the Centre now cares for approximately 30 learners of various ages. Deborah King has been the Principle of the Centre for 18 months, has a pre-school and adult educational background, and has worked with Dr Margie Lililenfeld an AAC Specialist, Shelly Broughton an Occupational Therapist, other Private Therapists and the Tutors and Facilitators to continuously evolve and improve the Centre's IEP approach.