Objectives & Methodologies

The Centre is committed to the development of the child as a whole in an intimate, safe and healthy environment and offers an educational programme designed according to the specific needs of each child, following the IEP approach to individualised educational programmes.

Whizz Kidz stresses the importance of early intervention to improve the child's participation and facilitate the inclusion of the child in the community.Communication strategies and techniques are integral to the daily programme. Due to the fact that many of the children do not have functional speech, a variety of IEP methodologies, such as Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) are used to compensate for the lack of or limited use of speech and facilitates both understanding and expressive communication for children with severe and often complex disabilities. IEP strategies are incorporated into all activities throughout the Centre.

Whizz Kidz considers the children's parents and siblings in the primary family unit to be integral members of the child's intervention team and the families' goals are paramount in the planning of each child's programme. Private therapists come to the unit so that therapy can take place during school mornings. The Centre's specialised programme objectives include independence training, sensory stimulation, self-care activities, social and emotional development, communication and language development, functional scholastic skills as well as promoting the development of leisure and recreational skills. In addition we try to encourage and offer support for the parents and siblings. An integrated approach and constant communication between teacher, therapists and parents ensures maximum carry over throughout all areas of the child's development.